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What to do when a BAT is INSIDE your home (Bat contact)

We get so many calls where someone says they were woke from a sound sleep with a bat flying around their house.  I wanted to post a page outlining the proper protocol in this situation.  Here is the concern, bats are vector species which means they can carry and transmit rabies and the concern is … Continue reading »

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Noises in the attic? Could it be squirrels or rats in attic?

I wanted to address the issue with noises in the attic, since we get these calls all the time.  First of all it does not always mean that a critter actually got into your attic.  But it is pretty safe to assume they are trying.  It could be critters running on top of the roof … Continue reading »

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Facts about Copperhead Snakes in Georgia

OUR COPPERHEAD SNAKE REMOVAL SERVICES:  When we are hired to perform our snake removal services, the search for snakes begins. Sometimes they stand out and sometimes you have to make a real effort, understanding snakes and their typical behavior to know where to look.  In this situation the homeowner never suspected the snake moved from … Continue reading »

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Game Camera Activity on Coyote Trapping job in Johns Creek, GA.

These are pictures collected by our game camera which was set up on a coyote trapping job on a golf course in Johns Creek.  The neighbors have been complaining about coyote sightings so the Golf Club wanted to do something about it.  They hired us to trap and remove the coyotes from the property that … Continue reading »

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Raccoon Behavior – Not so sweet and cuddly

[embedplusvideo height=”450″ width=”450″ editlink=”″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=9XB1gZOkOdI&width=450&height=450&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep2259″ /]   This video is not the quality that I would have liked for it to have been but when your hand is accessible to the raccoon and it is obviously bothered by your presence you get a little jumpy.  If I was scratched or bitten it would … Continue reading »

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Bat Removal from gable vent in Johns Creek

Bat Removal in Johns Creek Georgia   Watch the video – this is how we encourage bats to leave a gable vent. It appears that we use mind control with the technician being on the outside taking the video but what you do not see is there is a technician on the inside of the … Continue reading »

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Fox trapping job we did in Johns Creek – Alpharetta area

This was a fox trapping job where we collected the kits and then caught the Mother. We were able to unite the family and get them off to a local vector species rehabber so they could be quarantined, vaccinated and then released back into the wild. Away from the suburban sprawl and any homes. Please … Continue reading »

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Hornet Nest Removal at extreme heights

This is like a game of “Where’s Waldo”.  Can you see in the first picture where the hornet nest is that we were called out to remove.  Now keep in mind we told the customer that bald faced hornets nests this high up in a tree usually do not pose any risk at all.  That … Continue reading »

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Possum Trapping Johns Creek – Cumming Area

We get calls all the time for possum trapping & removal.  Typically they are using a deck or porch as a den and people start to notice an odor or an over abundance of fleas and then we get a call. We can really quickly trap and remove the possum.  Possums are North America’s only … Continue reading »

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Squirrel Trapping – Squirrel Removal in Cumming GA

We are getting a tremendous amount of calls in Cumming Georgia lately about noises in the attic.  A part of the process is to ask questions regarding time of day noises heard and what not but the most important factor in the decision process as to whether or not we are trapping squirrels, flying squirrels … Continue reading »

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