What to do when a BAT is INSIDE your home (Bat contact)

We get so many calls where someone says they were woke from a sound sleep with a bat flying around their house.  I wanted to post a page outlining the proper protocol in this situation.  Here is the concern, bats are vector species which means they can carry and transmit rabies and the concern is … Continue reading »

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Possum Trapping Johns Creek – Cumming Area

We get calls all the time for possum trapping & removal.  Typically they are using a deck or porch as a den and people start to notice an odor or an over abundance of fleas and then we get a call. We can really quickly trap and remove the possum.  Possums are North America’s only … Continue reading »

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Signs that you are dealing with a Raccoon – Raccoon Trapping

This picture is at a raccoon trapping job in Alpharetta area, right on the boundary so maybe it is Cumming.  This shows where the raccoon feel through the soffit box.  We wished we had video of her coming through.  She survived the three story fall but it would have been amazing to have video footage.  If … Continue reading »

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A flying squirrel trapping job in Johns Creek

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Bat Removal in Roswell Georgia during Baby Season

This is a job we are doing in Roswell Georgia.  Between April 1st and July 31st (updated 2019 according to https://georgiawildlife.com/ExcludingBatsFromYourHouse) we are required to determine if the colony is a Bachelor Pad or a Maternity Ward.  This is the time of the year where it is a possibility for there to be flightless babies in … Continue reading »

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Exclusion Description

The single most popular entry point for critters AND the most expensive part of any exclusion proposal is the Construction Gap.  The construction gap requires the guys going up a ladder with custom bent metal attaching it (the RIGHT way – critter specific) back down the ladder only to move down 2 feet and do … Continue reading »

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