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We proudly started our family-owned & operated Nuisance Wildlife Control business just South of Ball Ground, within Johns Creek back in 2009.  We come from 3 Generations of wildlife trappers and have continued to excel in providing excellent results in combination with humane wildlife trapping services.   If you live in Ball Ground and have Bats, Raccoon, Opossums, Rats, Squirrels, Birds, Snakes, Hornets or any other wildlife that may have become a nuisance to you or invaded your home.

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Here are the steps necessary to resolve the wildlife problem completely:

1)      WILDLIFE TRAPPING: We provide a flat-rate fee for our wildlife trapping services which include daily trap checks (it is required by LAW).

2)     GUARANTEED CRITTER-PROOFING: We seal up your home with a FREE 2-year warranty with an LIFETIME renewal option! See our page on Animal-Proofing.

3)     PREVENTION: We provide you with a list of any habitat modifications, which are things you can change in your yard to make it less hospitable to wildlife. We also provide rodent prevention services that are maintained on a quarterly basis. We get them OUT & Keep them OUT!


The skilled Wildlife Professionals at Southern Wildlife Management are courteous and attentive to all of Ball Ground’s homeowner’s needs. We take our Forsyth County customers’ satisfaction seriously and will go above and beyond to ensure the job is done right. Your family’s overall well-being and happiness is the top priority with any of our Wildlife Removal services. When you call us for wildlife removal in Ball Ground, you can count on us to remove the nuisance critters: (Squirrels, Bats, Raccoons, Rats & More) and prevent the animals from coming back into your home.

Rat Trapping & Rat Control Servicesrat trapping ball ground

Rat trapping can be a terrifying experience for a lot of the homeowners in Ball Ground that require our expertise. What makes our rat trapping services superior is that we take the measures necessary to provide you with a safe & comfortable environment while we are performing the rat trapping services. All of our rat traps that are set inside or that you would come into contact with are always concealed traps.  With both concealed cage style rat traps or concealed snap traps, either way, the trap itself nor the rats can be touched or seen. They are safe around small children & household pets. Plus it allows us to utilize discretion when trapping so no one is exposed to any unpleasant sights.

While we are there trapping we inspect the home to provide you with a quote to seal your home.  Once you have any type of rodent you will have them again & again.  You can thank urine marking for that!  All rodents using urine marking to communicate their sex, sexual maturity, they relay information if the location is good or bad (happy hormones or stress hormones), etc.  Trapping is always step #1, we need to get the critters out.  Then step #2 is to seal the home to prevent the rats from coming back inside.  Our wildlife exclusion is come with a FREE 2-year warranty with optional LIFETIME renewal!


Snake Removal & Snake Control

Snake Control takes more than one measure.  We send a licensed & trained Wildlife Technician to your property to scour for snakes.  We understand snakes and can simply look at your yard and know where the snakes would tend to hide.  We search the property for a half hour and remove any snakes that we find.   We also provide you with a list of things in your yard that you can change to make it less hospitable to snakes. The less comfort the snake finds… the less likely they are to stick around.  So please take these habitat modifications seriously.

We now offer a snake prevention program that involves every 3 months our company coming out and strategically applying repellent.  Our repellent is the only repellent that we have found that we can believe in.  It is safe for plants, kids, and pets.  It lasts around 3 months so we offer an annual program with quarterly retreats.  These measures, combined, are the most that we can do as humans to try to keep snakes out of your yard.   Call us (678)935-5900

Bat Colony in atticBat Removal & Bat Control

We offer affordable bat removal services to all of North Georgia, not just in Ball Ground. We do things a little differently in the industry. Different in a “Good Way”.  Usually, it is a two-man team that comes out and performs the inspection we provide you with a price to get the bats out (either hand removal or a one-way valve), to seal up the home so they cannot come back in and clean-up any guano (if necessary).  If you say YES we have blocked off enough time to go ahead and do the work!  Doing it this way has enabled us to offer some of the lowest prices in our industry by saving us a return trip which means MONEY to you.

Another benefit to our Bat Exclusion is that our bat exclusion comes with a FREE 2-year warranty with optional LIFETIME renewal.  Call us, we can help! (678)935-5900


Squirrel Removal & Control

Our squirrel trapping services are always a one-week endeavor.  We offer flat-rate fee trapping and we are there every single day checking the traps.  Our licenses according to the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources require all squirrels to be cage trapped and released unharmed into their natural environment.  While we are trapping we provide you with a free quote to seal your home.  Once you have squirrels, you will have them again & again.

The process is the same for squirrels as it is for rats.  While we are there trapping we inspect the home to provide you with a quote to seal your home.  Once you have any type of rodent you will have them again & again.  You can thank urine marking for that!  All rodents using urine marking to communicate their sex, sexual maturity, they can even tell if the place is good or bad (happy hormones or stress hormones), etc.  Trapping is always step #1, we need to get the critters out.  Then step #2 is to seal the home to prevent the squirrels from coming back inside.  Our wildlife exclusion (other than bats) comes with a FREE 2-year warranty with optional LIFETIME renewal!  Problem solved!


Ball Ground Woodpecker & Bird Control

Ball Ground and the surrounding cities are forever battling nuisance birds… especially Geese. Whether you need Goose Removal, Goose Hazing, Pigeon Control, Woodpecker Trapping or any other Wild bird Control the trained & skilled Wildlife Technicians have the traps, hazing devices & tools necessary to either trap and remove the birds or to scare them off in a manner where the birds: woodpeckers, geese, pigeons & more stay away. We have low-tech means of hazing such as trained dogs all the way to the highest technology (newest technology) on the market with deterrents to scare them off. We can get rid of the nasty mess and the birds that caused it.

Mole Trapping & Control

Our approach to controlling a mole situation usually involves Two (2) standard measures:   Trapping & Baiting.

MOLE TRAPPING:  The first step is setting traps in the active tunnels.  These traps are designed to kill them quickly underground & humanely.

MOLE BAITING:  When appropriate we can strategically place mole bait underground to attract the moles and once they eat the bait they die.  We flag where there is bait and have a method to retrieve bait before we leave if they have not taken the bait away or eaten it all.  Either way, the problem is resolved.

As a stand-alone service, not included in the trapping or baiting program is our stellar gassing program.

MOLE GASSING: When the situation is appropriate, we can utilize equipment designed to kill moles inside their tunnels using a carbon monoxide gas.

mole gassing

This process uses a Carbon Monoxide Device that utilizes a smoke oil tracer to show you where most of the Carbon Monoxide is going. Carbon Monoxide can be used as an effective approach to control of burrowing rodents. As the Carbon Monoxide enters the burrow system, the rodent breathes it in. The Carbon Monoxide then replaces the oxygen in their blood. And without oxygen, cells in the body die and organs stop working.

Our mole control program is the most we can do as humans to have the upper hand in controlling the mole population in our yard.

Coyote & Fox Trapping 

Coyotes & Foxes are all over the area.  Just because one is sighted does not coyotes`mean that it is probable cause to have trappers come and remove it.  We are very selective about what coyote & fox trapping jobs we accept.  Call us and we can discuss the particulars to see if we, or our services, are a fit.  With that said, as with all trapping services

Ball Ground Beaver Trapping & Control

There is not a month that goes by that we are not performing beaver trapping somewhere in Ball Ground. We are the beaver trapping company of choice for Cherokee County Parks & Recreation as well as many of the Country Clubs, Golf Courses and exclusive communities in Ball Ground & Johns Creek. We can cage trap the beavers and relocate then to where we have permission which takes longer than trapping them and dispatching the beaver humanely. Either way, it is the customer’s choice. Regardless of how we trap the beaver in Ball Ground, the traps are checked every single day and the beavers are always treated humanely.

Ball Ground Opossum Trapping & Removal

Possums have got to be the most interesting animal to trap. We do not know, other than sheer numbers at birth, how they still exist. They are dumb, slow and easy to catch. We can even hand catch the possums easier than any other animal. Ball Ground has many possums that dwell under the decks, in garages or crawl spaces. A telling sign that a possum is set up a den in your property is usually the foul musky odor and the fleas. We use cage traps on possums and relocate them quickly. Possums are hardy and very durable.

Ball Ground Dead Animal Location, Dead Deer Pickup & Cleanup

dead deerWe respond quickly to dead animal calls. When someone calls about a dead deer in their yard, more times than not, we arrive on the same day to remove it.

Some of the dead animals that we pick up are:

dead deer | dead raccoons | dead dog | dead coyotes | dead opossums | dead fox | dead birds | dead animals of any kind | dead snakes |

Animal removal services do not restrict their work to removal of the offending animals. We will offer to mend any destruction of the property caused by wild animals. We will repair the animal damage, clean up any feces, deodorize & sanitize any messes left behind which will eliminate any kind of offensive smell left behind by these animals. If the offensive smell is not promptly eliminated, it can be a health hazard to all the members of the household and also draw more animals back to your residence. It is however recommended that you first do some research to get to know the companies that you want to hire since not all of them are licensed or insured.

  • Attic Decontamination
  • Animal Damage Repair
  • Animal Feces Removal & Sanitization



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