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Migratory birds (Geese, Ducks, Pigeons, Woodpeckers, & More) are often a nuisance to homeowners & business owners.  They can be aggressive, messy and do tons of property damage.  Since birds are protected, we have directed MANY customers to the DNR to get a permit for us to remedy the situation.   We have found the process is complicated and forms almost impossible to locate on the US Fish and Wildlife website so we have decided to help simplify the process.

In short, there are two options to get rid of Nuisance Birds (Woodpeckers, Geese, etc):

  1. Quickest RESULTS: You can hire us to implement scare tactics, humane hazing or harassment techniques.  NO PERMIT IS REQUIRED FOR HAZING.
  2. Get a permit:  Go through the permitting process which will give us the legal right to remove the Geese or Birds.   Although the permit is FREE (Just for Geese) the actual services to have the birds trapped, captured or removed is NOT FREE.  Once we get the permit, we can trap the birds or hand catch to remove and/or relocate when possible.  We are the only company that we know of in Georgia that has a NetGun and bird specific traps to quickly catch and remove problem birds.


BIRD (Woodpecker) & GOOSE  HAZING

We offer a humane & proven effective BIRD (Goose, Woodpecker, Swallows, Starlings, Swifts, etc) Control service.  We incorporate multiple hazing, scare tactics and harassment techniques which are implemented over a One (1) week, Two (2) week or scattered over a longer duration for the more difficult jobs.  It is not just one tactic that we implement.  We cannot let the birds get habituated to the methods.  We mix it up!   The Wildlife Technician will come to the property and evaluate the situation and determine what measures are best suited for the exact scenario.  Once we incorporate our measures — they go and find a new home.




Canadian Geese are treated differently than any other migratory bird.  The US Fish & Wildlife & the USDA has passed the process directly on to Department of Natural Resources.  Once you obtain a FREE permit (steps outlined below) then we can come out and safely catch and relocate the Geese. We can corral them into cages, use a net gun or hand catch the geese. Then we have to transport them to a private lake where we have permission to relocate the geese. We can also implement or make recommendations to deter future nesting. Our fees take into consideration the complexity of the situation, the landscape, the method used to catch the geese, the number of staff members required and the transportation to the release site.

To obtain a FREE PERMIT for Nuisance Geese removal you have to call Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Dept below – (Note: If URGENT ask them to fax the permit to you)

Wildlife Resources Division
GM Headquarters
2070 U.S. Hwy 278 S.E
Social Circle, GA 30025
(770) 918-6404
Wildlife Resources Division
Region I Game Management
2592 Floyd Springs Road
Armuchee, GA  30105-2518
(706) 295-6041

IF there is a NEST & EGGS you need to go to this link and fill out the form as a NEW USER then call the phone numbers above.



First and foremost, the Migratory Bird List from US Fish & Wildlife Services:

If you have a bird that is causing damage to property or causing injury to pets or people then you MAY qualify to obtain permission (a permit) to allow us to take measures to remove the bird.  We cannot apply on your behalf, therefore, these are the steps that you have to go through to apply for a permit:

  1. Call the USDA Wildlife Division (706)546-5637 to start the complaint process. They will speak to you over the phone and decide whether or not your situation qualifies for intervention & to have the bird removed. If so they will provide you with FORM 37.
  2. Once you have FORM 37, Go to this link for the permit application from the US Fish & Wildlife Service: (Please don’t forget to complete Section E)
  3. PERMIT Fees are $50 for residential property – $100 for business or commercial. (This has NOTHING to do with our fees to trap & removal any birds).  Make the check payable to the US Fish & Wildlife Services.
  4. Mail the FORM 37, the completed PERMIT APPLICATION, and check to:

Once they issue a permit – CALL US!  We can then take the necessary action allowable to remedy the situation.

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We service the following areas for bird control & nuisance bird removal: Johns CreekAlpharetta, Suwanee, CummingDuluthNorcrossSandy SpringsRoswellBufordMiltonMarietta, some parts of Woodstock & Atlanta.

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