AFFORDABLE Honey Bee Hive Removal – Relocation

honey bee swarm in cumming

A Bee Swarm that we collected in Cumming GA


Based out of Johns Creek but serving most of Metro Atlanta market.  We take every measure possible to safely removal Honey Bees and relocate the entire colony with the Queen Bee intact.  It takes a completely different approach since our goal is to minimize the harm to the bees.  There are several types of services in regards to honey bees:

◊ Swarm Collection
◊ Honey Bee Hive Removal
◊ Honey Bee Hive Cut-Out


Our lead Wildlife Technician over the Bee & Hornet jobs is a hobbyist Beekeeper.   So it is his goal to get the hive out intact so they can be relocated.  He also understands the importance of cleaning out what is left behind so not rodents or other opportunistic insects are attracted to the remains.  It does not have to cost you an arm & a leg.  We offer immediate results at a fair and reasonable price.

honey bee hive cut out

Honey Bee Cut-Out in Cumming

 Here is a link to an article we published on Honey Bee Hive or Hornet Nest Removal:

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