Beaver Trapping – Muskrat Trapping Control

Beaver in the river

Do you have beavers backing up your stream?  Are Beavers causing damage or bringing down trees?  Are muskrat burrowing in the banks eating all the vegetation?  If you answered YES to those questions – We can help with our expert Beaver Trapping, Muskrat Trapping Services.  When others have failed, we prevail! More often than not when faced with dealing with a Beaver problem, it is instinctive for us to think the solution to the beaver problem is to go and destroy their dam.  Your thought is that they will just go away and quit causing problems… Not TRUE!  Beavers are highly industrious, therefore, removing dams and lodges has little impact on deterring beavers from an area. Our Beaver trapping & Muskrat removal service area in North Georgia extends as far south as Alpharetta, Crabapple, Duluth, Johns Creek, Marietta, Milton, Roswell, and Suwanee then going as far north as Ball Ground, Blue Ridge, Cumming, Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Ellijay, Gainesville, and Jasper.  If you are outside of these areas for our Beaver and Muskrat control services get in touch with us!  We want to help however possible.

Before you take measures which could end up costing more money or making it more difficult when you decide to hire a professional Beaver Trapper, read this –

Beaver Trapping fact sheet straight from the Georgia Department of Natural Resource’s website:   (Click here) to see it for yourself.


We charge a FLAT RATE FEE for all trapping services.  There is NO per animal fee, NO per species fee, NO relocation fees, NO hidden fees or last-minute surprises.  Our trapping is quoted based upon the problem being resolved within a two (2) week time frame unless advised in advance that it will take longer.  IT IS THE LAW in Georgia that traps are checked every single day!!!  Even if it were not the LAW these are the reasons you want daily trap checks:

  1. It allows us to move the traps that are not being effective to a position that has more potential
  2. We can rebait the traps, apply more lure or attractant.
  3. We do not want to leave beavers in traps to scare off or educate the ones that are still out there.
  4. We want to make the most out of your trapping dollars and time. 

Beaver Trapped in Cumming Georgia

What to expect when you hire US to trap the beavers

Once we are hired to trap the beavers we thoroughly inspect the property to see if we can quickly locate active dams & lodges. From that, we estimate the size of the colony and the effort that has to go into trapping. That helps us figure out a fair price for the trapping, lodge and dam destruction.   The last thing you want to do is destroy the dams before the beavers have been removed.

Then we set up traps specific to the situation, whether or not the area requires cage traps, snares, or leg holds. Whether or not the property owner has a preference as to the type of trap we use is considered. We do have places to relocate Beaver now — it takes longer to cage trap Beaver than on footholds or snares.  We are willing to trap however our clients prefer.  You decide!

There are some tricks in the trade with timing and all… BUT, After there are no more signs of activity we begin the destroying the dams and lodges to restore the natural flow and water level as mentioned above.

For help with making decisions as to WHO TO HIRE to do your Beaver Trapping please go to this consumer site:

 We serve the following areas for Beaver Trapping & Beaver Control as well as Muskrat Trapping & Muskrat Removal: Johns CreekAlpharetta, Suwanee, CummingDuluthNorcrossSandy SpringsRoswellBufordMiltonMarietta, some parts of Woodstock & Atlanta.

Any questions give us a call!