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We do not deal with domestic Cats or Dogs…

Animal Control does not deal with ANY of the animals that we do!

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Possum Trapped in Johns Creek

Verron (person not possum)
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Southern Wildlife Management is proud to offer one of the Nuisance Wildlife Control Industry’s longest “NO HASSLE” Warranty on our exclusion work.  We have found that a lot of competitors include a “smoke & mirror” clause which states that you have to pay an annual fee of $69 – $249 per year for an inspection in order to maintain the warranty.  Others actually say the annual fee is subject to change at their discretion, lastly there are a lot of issues that cause the warranty to be void: garbage cans outside, bird feeders, rotting wood.  All of which have NOTHING to do with the area where the exclusion work was performed.  

Our exclusion warranty is simple – if they get past our work within the stated period of time we will trap again & fix it for FREE.