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We are family-owned & operated. We started our business over a decade ago in Johns Creek, Georgia. We wanted to change the industries questionable at best past reputation and pricing structure. We came out with a transparent process and flat rate pricing for trapping. When you start getting into a pricing structure where there is a set-up fee and a per animal fee it leads the industry into a seedy mindset where we just didn’t want to go. Since we came in and started offering a flat-rate trapping price with daily trap checks… now almost everyone does the same. That leads to a higher standard in the business and everyone wins!

We pride ourselves on having some of the most affordable prices in the wildlife industry. The price, in our opinion, is fair and usually ends up being among the lowest.  Although great prices, we still take extra measures (time-consuming and costly) for aesthetics & longevity.

We have been providing humane & affordable wildlife trapping, wildlife control & wildlife rehabilitation services for over a decade.  Our services include daily trap checks to make the most out of your trapping dollars & habitat modification suggestions.  If the wildlife is getting inside, we also provide a free quote to provide wildlife exclusion services (critter-proofing) to your home or building.  Now all of our exclusion services come with a FREE 2-Year warranty with an Annual Renewable Option.

We brought these exact methods & principles into the Pest Control side of our business.  With our Pest Control Services, the bottom line is that you can feel confident in knowing that we don’t just come to your house and spray the maximum allowable pesticide and walk away.  Our approach is to do a thorough inspection to identify the “target species”.  This process enables us to come up with a strategy to monitor, control and implement measures to rid you of the pests.

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