Prevention Measures

Half of our job is to remedy current situations when a problem exists and the second half is to step in and prevent a problem.  Here are a few of the situations where we can take measures to prevent a problem from starting.



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We come out and inspect the property and provide you with a list of the changes (habitat modifications – hiding places for snakes) that need to be made so the snakes are made to feel uncomfortable.  We also search in the areas that we suspect would harbor snakes and remove any snakes that we find. Lastly, we can provide the only repellent that we have faith in.  It is non-toxic (safe for plants, pets & kids) and we lay it in a manner where the snakes would be most likely to take off. The repellent can be a one-time application or we can set it up on a bi-monthly application.


We come out and inspect the property and provide you with a list of the changes (habitat modifications – things attracting rats) that need to be made so the rats are not attracted to your property.  We can provide trapping services to punch down the numbers outside (Remember this is prevention, not active trapping inside) and set up a program with protected boxes designed for rats and poison with quarterly visits to replenish the bait, possibly refresh it and clean out any debris from the boxes.  We set them strategically so the activity will not happen in your home and stops them before they become a problem.   The ultimate prevention program is sealing your home up with critter-proof material so the rodents can’t get inside.  Our exclusion work comes with a FREE 2-year warranty with optional LIFETIME renewal!


Since squirrels can only be live-trapped and relocated unharmed the only prevention we have is to trap outside to control the numbers as well as providing you with a quote to seal the home so the squirrels can not get inside.  If you have a situation, which many do, where squirrels are chewing the outside of your home we can also take measures to prevent them from doing this as well.


We decided as a company to offer discounts to neighborhoods that get multiple homeowners on board with prevention programs.  So spread the word and just know we are a phone call away!


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