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WE are a family owned & operated business which specializes in Nuisance Wildlife Removal.  If you have Raccoon, Opossums, Rats, Bats, Squirrels, Birds, and other wildlife that may have inhabited your home – CALL US WE CAN HELP!  We offer AFFORDABLE Wildlife Removal Services as Exclusion services which prevents future re-entry.  We get them OUT & Keep them OUT!


The skilled Wildlife Professionals at Southern Wildlife Management are courteous and attentive to all of Alpharetta’s homeowner’s needs.  Serving most of Fulton, Gwinnett & Forsyth County,  we can quickly assess the situation to determine the critter that is causing the problem and GET them out!  The most common critters that we remove from attics are: Squirrels, BatsRaccoons, Rats & Flyers. (Click on the name to go to the page specifically for the animal)

flying squirrel removal alpharetta

One of the baby flying squirrels removed from an attic in Alpharetta

Alpharetta Squirrel Removal & Control

Squirrel trapping at it’s finest in Alpharetta.  We have an in-house rehabber who will take the orphaned squirrels and hand-feed them until they are able to live on their own, without intervention.  We know how to trap squirrels & keep them from coming back in to the house or attic.  We love squirrels – BUT we love them outside.  Not nesting in the attics and chewing wires and causing mass destruction in the attic.  They need to go.  It is the law in Georgia that traps are checked daily.  We do just that.  Squirrels would never make it in a trap for longer than one day any ways.  We had to custom design guards on the traps to encourage the squirrels to calm down while they are in the traps until we can come and remove the squirrels.


 Alpharetta Raccoon Trapping & Removal

Southern Wildlife Management specializes in pest removal services and can do much more than trap a raccoon and remove it.  We are a full service Raccoon Removal business, we have the proper equipment and knowledge it takes to carry out these services professionally and effectively.  As a full service company, we offer many removal services, from structural damage restorations to raccoon exclusion and prevention services.  We can fix, cleanup, and repair any damages caused by wild animals, as well as raccoons. As a wildlife/ animal removal company we will be able to work side-by-side with Alpharetta home owners’ insurance companies to ease the hassle of the repair process.

Rat Trapping Alpharetta

Rat Trapping Alpharetta

Alpharetta Rat Trapping & Rat Control Services

Rat trapping can be a terrifying experience for a lot of the homeowners in Alpharetta that require our expertise.  What makes our rat trapping services superior is that we take the measures necessary to provide you with a safe & comfortable  environment while we are performing the rat trapping services.  All of our rat traps that are set inside or that you would come into contact with are always concealed traps – either concealed cage style rat traps or concealed snap traps so none of the traps nor the rats can been touched or seen.  They are safe around small children & household pets.  All of our rat trapping jobs have been completed within the typical one week time frame.  Then we inspect the home to determine how to seal it up to prevent future re-entry.

Alpharetta Snake Inspection & Removal

We go a step above and beyond the average Snake Control Company when we are called out to catch & remove any snakes from a property in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Not only do we send more than one trained & licensed Wildlife Technician to scour the property and locate any snakes.  We also provide the clients with written habitat modification suggestions which would make the yard less hospitable to snakes in the first place.  If you make snakes uncomfortable – they will keep on moving!

Alpharetta Bird Trapping & Control

Alpharetta and the surrounding cities are forever battling nuisance birds… especially Geese.  Whether you need Goose Removal, Goose Hazing, Pigeon Control, Woodpecker Trapping or any other Wild bird Control the trained & skilled Wildlife Technicians have the traps, hazing devices & tools necessary to either trap and remove the birds or to scare them off in a manner where the birds: woodpeckers, geese, pigeons & more stay away.  We have low-tech means of hazing such as trained dogs all the way to the highest technology (newest technology) on the market with deterrents to scare them off.  We can get rid of the nasty mess and the birds that caused it.

Alpharetta Coyote Trapping & Control

Coyotes are all over suburban Alpharetta.  Nestled right in between multi-million dollar homes are dens of coyotes.  When an area has a population growth of coyote and the natural food sources starts to be reduced by coyotes feeding, the natural next step is for the coyote to seek out easy prey like domestic cats and dogs.  Most of whom are unsuspecting and unaware of the threat that coyotes pose to them.  We cautiously trap coyote and do all of our trap checks first thing in the morning to greatly reduce exposure of the trapped coyote to any humans or pets.

Alpharetta Beaver Trapping & Control

There is not a month that goes by that we are not performing beaver trapping somewhere in Alpharetta.  We are the beaver trapping company of choice for the City of Johns Creek as well as many of the Country Clubs, Golf Courses and exclusive communities in Alpharetta & Johns Creek area.  We can cage trap the beavers and relocate then to where we have permission which takes longer than trapping them and dispatching the beaver humanely.  Either way it is the customers choice.  Regardless of how we trap the beaver in Alpharetta, the traps are checked every single day and the beaver are always treated humanely.

Alpharetta Opossum Trapping & Removal

A young possum removed from Alpharetta GA

A young possum removed from Alpharetta

Possums have got to be the most interesting animal to trap.  We do not know, other than sheer numbers at birth, how they still exist.  They are dumb, slow and easy to catch.  We can even hand catch the possums easier than any other animal.  Alpharetta has many Possums that dwell under the decks, in garages or crawl spaces.  A telling sign that a possum is set up a den in your property is usually the foul musky odor and the fleas.  We use cage traps on possums and relocate them quickly.  Possums are hardy and very durable.

Alpharetta Bat Trapping & Removal

We perform bat trapping, bat removal, bat control & bat exclusion services all over the entire State of Georgia and not just in Alpharetta.  Our two largest bat trapping jobs have been in Madison Georgia (Madison County) and South Georgia in a log cabin right near the Florida State line.  Bats take special precautions in Georgia since bats are protected. We have to make sure that when we remove bats from gable vents, bats from attics or bats out of soffit boxes that there are no bats harmed in the process.   Our licensed Bat Removal Technicians enjoy bat removal jobs more than any other service we provide… well tied with predator trapping.   We seal up your home so once the bats get chased out that they cannot come back in again.  We get rid of your bat problem.

Alpharetta Dead Animal Location, Pickup & Cleanup

We respond immediately to dead animal calls.  Some of the dead animals that we pick up are:

dead deer | dead raccoons | dead dog | dead coyotes | dead opossums | dead fox | dead birds | dead animals of any kind | dead snakes |


Construction Gap Hole

Yet another entry at the construction gap


Animal removal services do not restrict their work to removal of the offending animals. We will offer to mend any destruction of the property caused by the wild animals.  We will repair the animal damage, clean up any feces, deodorize & sanitize any messes left behind which will eliminate any kind of offensive smell left behind by these animals.  This is because if these offensive smell is not promptly eliminated, it can be a health hazard to the all the members of the household and also draw more animals back to your residence. It is however recommended that you first do some research to get to know the companies that you want to hire since not all of them are licensed or insured.


  • Attic Decontamination
  • Animal Damage Repair
  • Animal Feces Removal & Sanitization