Coyote Trapping & Fox Trapping

Coyote Trapping

If you have a problem with Nuisance Coyotes or Fox – We can help you with our Expert Predator Trappers who specialize in Coyote Trapping & Fox Trapping.

One of the most challenging animals to trap for Nuisance Wildlife Control Professionals are the predators. Coyotes & Foxes are smart and cunning. But we are always one step ahead of them.  Before you do anything which could be considered as spooking, educating, or training the coyote or fox to avoid the traps, please call us simply to discuss your situation.

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What to expect from a Licensed Coyote Trapper

Coyote & fox live amongst us everyday and seldom are seen. Just because you are seeing the coyote during the day it does not mean they are rabid and need to be removed. It could simply mean they have become comfortable in their urban setting and there are scare tactics you can implement.  Call us and we can explain so hazing measures.

If we trap the coyote, by law, they have to be euthanized.  Here is the part worthy of consideration, if we remove a well-behaved coyote from your neighborhood or yard who is to say that the next one that claims the newly opened territory is not going to be a misbehaved one??? We are not going to wipeout the population by trapping in your neighborhood.  So with that in mind if the coyote(s) are misbehaving and they have to be removed… We are extremely capable of helping you.

Please visit a Consumer Advisory Website designed to educate the public on how & when to hire a Professional Trapper:

Baby Fox Trapped
This baby fox was 1 of 4 taken to the Rehabber from this family unit.

1. FACT FINDING– First we will ask you some questions to about your specific situation:

a)   What has caused you to be aware of the coyotes presence?

b)   Are they misbehaving or being aggressive?

c)   Are they casual about being sighted in the day time?

d)  Are there missing cats or small dogs in your neighborhood?

e)  The type of property: private, neighborhood, commercial?

f)  Are there free roaming dogs common in the area where we are expected to trap?

  1. SCOUTING – A part of the trapping program includes scouting the property for tracks and signs.  This helps us to decide where the best placement of the traps are located, types of traps and best lure to use to attract them to the location chosen.  We have to take into consideration the potential unwanted traffic, surroundings and activity.
  2. SET TRAPS – Then we set up traps specific to that animal and the situation, Whether or not the property owner has a preference as to the type of trap we use is considered as well as safety issues for non-targeted animals. By our own standards, and the law, regardless if we use live traps or not we have to check the traps every single day to remove the animals.
Red Fox Trapped
Red Fox Trapped in Alpharetta

It is not unheard of that a harmless foot restraint will occasionally catch a domestic dog – we will release them unharmed.  When we are hired to trap coyotes  or foxes for a subdivision in common areas (collectively) we ask that an email alert be sent to all homeowners or notices posted to advise homeowners to keep free roaming dogs on leashes and to avoid the trap locations.   These traps are designed to hold a coyote by the foot.  They do not cut or cause serious injury.  Case study after case study has been conducted and it has been determined that the foot restraint trap is the most humane method of live catching and removing coyotes.

IF a domestic dog is caught in one of our traps:  CALL US 24/7 and we will immediately come out and quickly release the dog — unharmed.  Believe me when I say it is more stressful to the pet owner than the pet itself.

We service the following areas for coyote trapping & fox trapping, fox control, coyote control & coyote removal: Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Cumming, Duluth, Norcross, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Buford, Milton, Marietta, some parts of Woodstock & Atlanta.

We provide Coyote Trapping & Coyote Control services and Fox Trapping & Fox Control services to the following towns: Johns CreekAlpharetta, Dawsonville, Dahlonega, Ellijay, Big Canoe, Suwanee, CummingDuluthNorcrossSandy SpringsRoswellBufordMiltonMarietta, some parts of Woodstock & Atlanta.

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