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Bat Removal from gable vent in Johns Creek

Bat Removal in Johns Creek Georgia


Watch the video – this is how we encourage bats to leave a gable vent. It appears that we use mind control with the technician being on the outside taking the video but what you do not see is there is a technician on the inside of the attic “encouraging” the bats to leave.

Bats are protected. You cannot do this in Georgia during the maternity season which is from May 1st to August 15th. Since it is October we are now free to evict the bats as long as no bats are harmed in the process.

To visit our page dedicated just to our licensed bat removal process: “Click Here

For more information on the steps in the bat removal process.  Simply call us and we can help you to understand the process.

We are fully licensed by the Georgia Dept of Natural Resources to remove bats.

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