Game Camera Activity on Coyote Trapping job in Johns Creek, GA.

Posted by on March 10, 2016
These are pictures collected by our game camera which was set up on a coyote trapping job on a golf course in Johns Creek.  The neighbors have been complaining about coyote sightings so the Golf Club wanted to do something about it.  They hired us to trap and remove the coyotes from the property that were coming into a certain area and being a nuisance.  


What the camera shows is the coyote coming in and smelling the bait. Then the coyote rolls on the area near the bait. When he starts digging he gets caught in our trap. You can see by the pictures that he is annoyed at being caught but by no means is he acting like he is in pain. The picture amazingly catches a second coyote coming back repeatedly to where the trapped coyote is at.  We have over 160 photos of both coyotes interacting and then caught.
coyote trapper

The Licensed Coyote Trapper setting the bait.

Coyote Rolling in scent

Coyote Trapping Johns Creek

coyote trapping johns creek

More rolling by coyote all over where it is baited.

coyote control johns creek

Peaked the coyote’s curiosity.

coyote trapping

Two coyotes again pictured.

Coyote Trapping Johns Creek

Now there are two coyotes

Just patiently waiting to be removed

Coyote trapping johns creek

Coyote in the trap watching golfers go by.

coyote trapper johns creek

Patiently waiting for us to arrive.

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We are very selective on which jobs we take because of liability purposes. If the setting & circumstances are right we will take the job and catch the culprit.
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