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Rat Control Expectations around Johns Creek – Cumming – Alpharetta etc

There are two different types of rat trapping jobs that we encounter and we did not separate the two types…  until NOW.

First of all, I wanted to establish our abilities with punching down and eradicating a rat infestation problem.  There was an entire 25+ building Apartment Community in the Vinings area which was about to be shut down because of a rat infestation.  Residents were being chased outside by aggressive Norway Rats and the tunnels were everywhere.  We worked with the community and the Health Department to get the situation under control and that is exactly what we did.  Within 3 short weeks the numbers were what they considered acceptable.  The Management and Residents were thrilled.

With that said let’s discuss the two types of rat jobs:

OUTSIDE ACTUAL LIVING SPACE:   When we trap for rats outside or in an attic, which is common, we are there every single day for one week and 95% of the time this takes care of it and we are hired to seal up the building (aka., rat proofing).  Job done & we are out of there!

INSIDE LIVING SPACE:  With all of the types of trapping that we do this one requires the most effort.  Here is the problem –  If there is a colony of rats living inside a home that means they have food, water & shelter.  Water can come in the form of a dripping pipe inside the crawl space or wall or even condensation on pipes.  Food can come from pet’s bowls inside or crumbs dropped under stoves, etc.  I do not need to address the shelter.

We can trap for one week but that does not mean that the problem is magically gone even if we seal up the building.  If you have rats living inside where they can get food & water then they can survive for a while with being sealed in.  It is only when you take their food source away that they get bold enough to start coming out and risk being seen.

Although MOST of the time we are able to knock these out of the park in one week.  We now warn customers on these types of jobs that it CAN take several weeks to where their supplies are gone and they get desperate.  That is when we get them and we always DO.  We work very closely with the homeowners to make sure we are doing what is best in the interest of riding their home of ANY rodents.  We show them what needs to change and who to work around the changes.

As with any type of rat trapping jobs, if you are licensed by the Department of Natural Resources then it is the law to check the traps every day.  It never made sense to us to go any longer even if you can since a trap with a rat in it is only wasting trapping time.  We want to make the most out of every trapping dollar so regardless of the law – we will continue to check our traps every day.

I hope this better helps everyone to understand the difference between these two types of rat jobs and helps to set realistic expectations.  The problem did not get out of control within a week and therefore no one should expect it to be resolved within a week.

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