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Dead Deer Removal around Johns Creek, GA

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No need to show pics of dead deer.


I have decided to start posting about specific jobs to help educate & sometimes entertain our customers and audience. Daily we receive phone calls for dead deer removal. We pride ourselves on offering some of the most affordable prices in our market to come and pick up a dead deer. Someone in our business who is based out of Cumming brags about charging $450 to simply pick up a deer while we charge around $200. With that said there are still a large amount of people that have to sit down when we say $200 +/-. I felt the need to explain, without disgusting details, why we charge what we charge.

Those of you that are familiar with my posts on our Facebook Page have come to know that I am:

1) A licensed Wildlife Rehabber

2) A licensed Wildlife Trapper

3) The only Female in our company

4) Tasteful in my postings – skipping the tacky photos and details which might offend others.

Here is what needs to be considered when you are hiring someone to come out and pick up a dead deer from your property.  First and foremost, how long it has been sitting there plays a huge role in the complexity of the job.  There may be add-on fees if we get there and what we understood was a new death ends up being way-y-y into the decomp process.   If we have to use a shovel to remove a deer —- it is going to cost more.

When a deer dies and the body starts to cool the ticks and fleas start to look for a new host.  That host, our Technicians, get bombarded with hundreds of deer ticks and fleas to the point that they keep multiple changes of clothes in the truck just because of these kind of jobs.

Another consideration is the fact that we send two techs on deer calls – this is our choice because it just makes it quicker and easier on the technician.  The deer carcass when picked up has to be taken to the landfill all the way up in Ball Ground this takes up to an hour round trip and then we have to pay to bury it.  When the back-hoe unearths the hole for us to place the deer in the guys are always wearing full face respirators.  LOL.  Just to think that they consider that the nasty part of the job!!!

This does not even cover the jobs where a deer  is caught on a fence and we have to bring our equipment which causes us to ask the homeowner to make sure their kids do not come outside.  (get the point).

So now when you are given a price for the job and you are armed with this information of what is involved, you might now have an appreciation for the price that we charge for our services.

dead animal removal
Wildlife Removal Team servicing around Johns Creek


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