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A Bee Hive Removed from a Ceiling in Atlanta

Although we pride ourselves on being a small family owned business, we still have Wildlife technicians who specialize in different areas of Wildlife. Our Bee – Hornet team spent hours today clearing out a bee hive from a home in Atlanta.

When the customer called concerned about the hive taking up residence in her house our intentions is to put her mind at ease and tried to reassure her that we would do everything we can to do as little damage as possible and to keep the costs down.

If you have a bee hive that is in your ceiling or wall… we can help you to remove them safely & inexpensively.

Honeybee cutout in Atlanta
Honey Bee Cutout in Atlanta
honey bee hive cut out
A pretty involved honey bee hive cut out in Atlanta






The hive in the ceiling
honey bee hive removal
This is what it looked like when the hive and comb was removed.
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