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Snakes are not welcomed in my yard! – Snake Control Services

Implementing snake control in your Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Suwanee, Roswell & Cumming yard can be a nightmare, but there are some techniques that can really work.

1st STEP:  The initial step in our snake control services is searching the yard or property for snakes, removing any unwanted snakes.  When we search your property keep in mind that we are professionals and know where snakes would tend to hide in your yard. We can quickly assess your specific situation and and immediately know where the suspect hiding places are for snakes.

2nd Step: The second step is equally important.  It is our list of Habitat Modification Suggestions.  We create a punch-list of things that need to be addressed in your yard that are either making your yard attractive to snakes or providing a hiding place (safe haven) for snakes.  A snake that feels safe, stays in your yard. Our goal is to make your yard inhospitable to snakes so they keep moving right out of your yard.

Some examples of habitat modifications are: ground cover, low lying shrubs, mulch, etc. We tell you exactly what is wrong with each and what can be done to remedy it.

3rd Step: We have spent the past 8 years testing various repellent options and just two years ago we starting using a repellent that 1) does NOT contain Naphthalene (a cancer causing compound)and 2) it is safe for kids, plants, and animals as well as 3) effective at doing exactly what repellent should do.

We made the choice to eliminate snake trapping services & the use of glue boards to get snakes.  It is illegal to trap non-venomous species so how could someone set a trap or glue board and control which snakes it captures?  You cannot, therefore we will not provide these services and risk our license.  See Rules & Regulations here: Georgia DNR Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Rules & Regs.



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