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Being OVERRUN by Birds (Woodpeckers, Geese & Pigeons) is more common than you think

When birds start to overrun your home and community it causes you to look at them differently.  They are no longer neat to watch and feed.  The attitude changes to “get out of here you disgusting filthy creature”.  Nothing causes more of a mess than a gaggle of geese.  The droppings are overwhelming let alone how they destroy the lawn and landscaping.  Birds are protected under two acts: Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 (covers both songbirds & geese and species which we do not encounter in Georgia) and another one that duplicates the protection for Geese is the Wild Bird Conservation Act of 1992

The permit process in Georgia is quiet complicated.  Getting a trapping permit outside of the molting season is somewhat pointless.  Seldom do geese come into cage traps in large enough quantities to make a difference.  Also if we do get a lethal means permit the USDA will allow us to kill them only if we LIVE catch them first and take them offsite.  Good luck with that.

Because of these laws permits have to be obtained in order for anyone to tamper or interfere with the birds.  That includes moving a nest, catching the bird or anything.  There are other options that are available which avoids the legal red tape it is-  HAZING.

When our company is hired to implement humane hazing measures it causes the birds to vacate the premises.  We make it too uncomfortable for them so they take off.  There are low tech measures for small areas such as the use of trained dogs, multiple laser methods which work best when they are settling down after dusk when the lasers are offensive to them and dead goose decoys.  With low tech measures you have to mix it up with the amount of times or days that you haze and mix up the measures so it is unpredictable.  We also have high tech measures which are electronic devices which use different scare tactics such as ultrasonic emitters, image recognition based movement & distressing sounds specific to certain birds.  Each of these high tech options require installation of the electronic equipment and power availability on site.  In the long run the high tech equipment is a lot cheaper than repeated hazing visits, repeated addling visits (permitted) or repeated removal permit attempts.

Our best success, short of round-up, is the hazing measures.  When hazing measures are implemented right they could easily provide a permanent long term solution.

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