Exclusion Description

The single most popular entry point for critters AND the most expensive part of any exclusion proposal is the Construction Gap.  The construction gap requires the guys going up a ladder with custom bent metal attaching it (the RIGHT way – critter specific) back down the ladder only to move down 2 feet and do it all over again.  This part is more labor intensive than anything.

What is included in this proposal is the current methods the rodents are coming in but also some of the most common back-up methods.  Our goal is to have them meet enough resistance to where they simply give up and go elsewhere.  Once you do have critters in your home it is almost a certainty that you will have them again & again thanks to the scents, feces and oils left behind from the first one(s).

Although we took our licensed & insured competitors and dramatically undercut their prices, we still go above and beyond the average company’s work.  We purchase the highest quality materials available on the market.  All of our materials have a minimum of a 25 year Manufacturers Warranty.  We used solid galvanized metals instead of hardware cloth for the most expansive part of the exclusion work which is the construction gap/gutter line.  We feel the wire cloth in the construction gap could allow critters to get their teeth in and eventually it could chew through – that is why we use solid metal.  Also we bring with us a portable brake so when we can custom bend each piece of metal to suit your home.  Although the priority is to keep the critters out, we also take into consideration the aesthetics of our work.  We even go to the extent of painting the fastener heads to blend when needed on the gable vents.  Again, our work is using the highest quality materials & looks darn good.

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