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Squirrels are in my attic – Squirrel Control

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These fluffy quirky creatures are entertaining to watch for hours. It is a different story when they make their way in ones attic and take up residence in your attic. All of a sudden they cause problems and they are no longer wanted. The … Read more

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Snakes are not welcome in my yard – Snake Removal!

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Getting rid of snakes in your Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Suwanee, Roswell & Cumming yard can be a nightmare, but there are some techniques that can really work. While some snake repellents are tried however they don’t always help. But there are some things, habitat modifications that you can implement to achieve the goal of ridding snakes, or at least reducing them before contacting … Read more

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Alpharetta Opossums Are Living Under My Deck – Possum Control

Opossums often find themselves a safe home, free from predators and with a good source of food by digging under our decks, getting into our crawl spaces and even sometimes getting in our walls. Unlike a… Read more

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North Metro Atlanta Bird Control & Goose Removal

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When birds start to overrun your home and community it causes you to look at them differently.  They are not longer neat to watch and feed.  The attitude changes to “get out of here you disgusting filthy creature”.  Nothing causes more of a mess than a gaggle of geese.  The droppings ... Read more

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Raccoons Pose More of a risk than  you think

Have you been upstairs in the attic or crawl spaces recently? It is possible that you have been hosting a raccoon through the winter and now that the spring has arrived she could have given birth to raccoon babies. That’s right, each spring many raccoons give birth to a litter of babies and attics happen … Read more

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Rat Trapping in Metro Markets Like Atlanta

Some people may not be aware of just how much damage rodents can cause to a home. For example, they can chew through electrical cords as well as chew holes in walls and in furniture. The lowly Roof Rat despised by many and loved by a few. Regardless how you feel about them if you live in the Atlanta area you will run into oneRead more

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Considerations When Hiring Someone to Trap Rats 

We own a business in Alpharetta Georgia providing nuisance wildlife trapping services. This includes (in our area) Norway Rats & Roof Rats.

I can tell you this – every customer that calls me acts as if they should be embarrassed that they have nasty dirty home. Rats do not seek out dirt or filth. They seek out food, shelter & water. You have to provide one of the three to have a rat situation… Read more

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