Trapping Checklist

Now that you hired us to take care of your Nuisance Wildlife Animal problem, you can sit back and relax and let us get to work.   We wanted to outline the instructions to make our trapping as productive as possible.  Below is a simple list we compiled for you to follow:

1) PLEASE NOTE— One Week of trapping = 5 visits as noted on the contract.

2) PLEASE Do NOT, under any circumstance, go into the attic while we are trapping.  It will be counter-productive to our efforts.

3) PLEASE Do NOT walk along the traps checking to see if we have any animals.  You could spook them off.

4) PLEASE Do NOT attempt to touch, move, feed or go near any trap with animals in it.  A trapped animal is a dangerous animal.  It is stressed out enough and people gawking while trapped does not help.

5) PLEASE Do NOT cut back trees, seal up any holes, change anything that might alter the outcome of our trapping.

6) PLEASE Do NOT  leave pet food outside while we are trapping.

7) PLEASE Do NOT let any domestic pets roam around our traps.  All pets should be kept clear of our traps.   If the traps are in an area where your pets have access please walk your pet on a leash.

8) PLEASE DO CALL US—if you have an animal in the trap that is making a lot of noise/racket, drawing attention or causing a disturbance, even if it is outside normal business hours.  We answer all emergency calls 24/7.

9) Please DO keep track of the time of day or night that noises are heard in your attic.

10) PLEASE Do NOT follow the technicians around while they are doing their job.  It could distract them and cause them to damage something, injure themselves or miss something that they needed to see.  I know this is intriguing and everyone wants to see the animals.  (Examples: Following a tech around in the attic.  You could make a noise, they turn around to look at what it was and take a misstep and fall through your ceiling)

11) We pull all traps on Fridays.  Only Emergency Calls on the weekends.  Trapping will resume on Monday.  If a weekend disrupted your week of trapping then you get 6 visits (days) instead of 5 visits (days).


THANKS A LOT! We deeply appreciate your business.


Verron, Rick, Chad & Bruce

The Southern Wildlife Family


Any questions give us a call!